Ah, it's good to be scrapbooking again! New pages!

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Ah, it's good to be scrapbooking again! New pages!

I've been using the idea book I have more often so I can learn new techniques. I'm also starting to journal more in my own handwriting. Thanks for looking!

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Great pages. I have added a few to my scraplift folder.

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hooray!!! looks like your mojo is back!! love the pages - my favorites are the fair and the what/cheesy. Wink you have some of the same paper I have, you've inspired me to dive back into the pack and use some of it! (I just need to find the time)

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i love that you used the pattern paper as the background! i have so much trouble doing that! yours look great!

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These all look great as usual! Glad to see you scrapping again. I hope you stick around this time for a bit :p.

Tyler will appreciate that you are using your own handwriting some. I think that is important to do at least part of the time.

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I agree it's improtant to use your own handwriting, it'll give your child a little more insight into who you were some day. I love these, especially the spotty "that's my boy" one

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Woo hoo! yay for mojo!

I am absolutely loving these! My faves are starfall and the fair but they all have a little extra touch that is truly awesome.

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Great pages! I love the papers, so colorful and fun!

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What idea book are you looking at? These are all so good!! I love the animal paper...and the "That's My Boy" page is so cute. Actually, I just think all of them are really great.

GOod job! TFS. Smile

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great to see you scrapping again...love them, but I especially love the first one...the colors, the coordinating elements, the torn paper...awesome!

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ooooh, I so love the That's my Boy layout!! It's always a treat when we get to see layouts from you and this many is a double treat! The arrows on the fair page are great too. Love that idea.

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wow these are great! Love the hot air balloon one especially! Everything about it is so fun! Smile

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AGH!!! This much greatness at once is overwhelming!!!! LOL So hard to comment cause they are all so wonderful. I have always been a HUGE fan of your style and am glad to see you posting some work. LOVE it all!! The fair one though is really awesome!! Your style is just so cool!! TFS

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"StateChick" wrote:

What idea book are you looking at?

501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas

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Wow, thanks for all the great comments. I always look forward to sharing my work w/ you guys, guaranteed I'll get some really special comments, unlike the ones from dear hubby. LOL

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I love how you can make busy background paper work so effortlessly, I can never get it to work like that! Great job on all of them- and yay for journalling in your own handwriting!