album question (how do you do yours?)

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album question (how do you do yours?)

How do you organize your scrapbook albums? by year? by event? by the order in which you create the pages?

My kids each have a first year book but after that, it's all family albums.

I thought initially that I'd do a book for each year. But the books can be expanded and I tend to spend more money on them than I should (I could buy the cheaper books, I just like the more expensive ones better - they're prettier. :lol:). So I add more pages. Then I find that I'm breaking up the years.

I'm at the point where I'm wondering if I should just do a book for each year and screw the number of pages. At the same time, I can't be overrun with books 15 years from now. Help!

So, I'm looking here to see what you do.

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I have only started scrapbooking seriously. I am planning on doing one a year. I am going to give it to my DH on New Year's. I know I will be overun by them in the long run, but I think it is a neat gift to give. He has only seen a few page I have 3 or so. I can't wait!

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I think it depends for me.

Right now I have 4 scrapbooks (wedding, dh and I with our vacation of the years) and a book about dh and I and family.

Kira has 1 book 0-6 months (I had to break the book up because of all the pages - 3 families has a tendancy to add up the pages).

And i'm currently working on her 7-12 months

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Good question, I am pretty new to this and right now am working on a 1st year book for DS. I also have a wedding book. After this, I am not sure, I have been thinking about doing a vacation book, but I may just do a book a year, or a book every 2 years depending on how many pages I have.

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I have my albums mostly organized in the order I do them untill they get full then I try and re-organize by picture date. so preg to now. Then I have one that is pre-Zylin (PZ Wink ) then all the othere are AZ Wink