Alex's First Birthday

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Alex's First Birthday

I don't know how to post individual pics on Flickr so here's the link. These are of the things I made for Alex's birthday.

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What a GREAT job you did Nancy! LOVE all that cookie monster stuff. My son is sitting on my lap right now and is singing happy birthday after seeing those pics. Smile Love that cake and cupcakes too. TFS

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YAY for flickr photos that I can SEE! Oh my how he's grown! LOVE the cake and he's so darn cute! TFS!

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oh, too cute!!! I love all off the stuff you did! the cookie toss is NEAT!!!! and the cake is AWESOME! the shirt is too cute on him, so glad it printed okay. Smile

Happy birthday Alex!

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yay! sesame street stuff! (I have been working on sesame street stuff too cuz my sister is pregnant and using that as the theme Biggrin ) ...loving everything you made! Biggrin

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Wow, you did amazing. What a CUTE party!! Loved the bean bag toss the best. So cute. Those goodie bags rocked too. I can't believe he's already 1!! :eek: It seems like just yesterday he was born. Time flies too fast. He is just so handsome! I love his tee!

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wow everything looks amazing! nice job!

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OMG that cookie toss game is way too cute!

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Thanks all. I whipped it all up the night before. I made the cookie toss bean bags using fabric glue! How awesome is that! I have two more birthdays to plan in the next month so hopefully I will keep the mojo going.