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All about letters

So, what do you all usually use for letters, especially when it comes to creating titles?

I like the idea of using stickers, as well as the letters that are pre-cut, like cardboard, etc. I'm just concerned about the cost of using those types of letters. Do you do a lot of freehand, or print fonts from the computer?

I'm just looking for ideas on how to use a wide variety of letters, but not having to spend a lot of money in the process.

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If I am at my sister's or scrapping with my sister, I use her Cricut. It is so much easier and cheaper in the long run. I usually buy sticker letters. We have some nice ones at our local scrapping store. I like them b/c if you put them on, they are easy to take off without ripping the paper. I like good quality letter stickers. I also bought the alpha punch outs at Wal-Mart. Those are nice and come in a huge variety of letters. HTH!

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Sometimes I print mine using a fun font off my computer.
Love Chipboard letters & alphabet stickers.
Sometimes rubber stamps, too!

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I now pretty much use solely my Cricut. I like the fact that in time I will be saving money, because I can cut just what I will use. And not run out of a certain letter, like I was always doing when buying them. I was told I can cut letters from cereal boxes, etc. too, so I'm going to give that a try. Homemade chipboard. Biggrin

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"AshnBill" wrote:

Sometimes I print mine using a fun font off my computer.
Love Chipboard letters & alphabet stickers.
Sometimes rubber stamps, too!


How do you cut the letters out that you printed from the computer? with an Xacto knife, or so you just cut around it?

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I buy either stickers, chipboard letters or brad letters. I know that freehanding titles or journaling adds character, but I'm so damn particular, as you have seen from all of my work, I guess you can call me a perfector.

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Ever since I got my Cricut, I've been using that 90% of the time. Totally worth it!!!! But I also use a lot of alphbet stickers, and sometimes I print the title on my computer in coordating paper to the layout and use that.

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cricut, chipboard, stickers, punch-out letters

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I do Calligraphy quite a bit for a different thing, so I like to do free hand letters with different kinds of markers. I also like letter punches ( I have access to one at work cause I am a teacher). I use stickers, but not a lot cause I always end up with odd lots.

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Thank you for all the ideas!