All my work...LOTS!

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All my work...LOTS!

Okay so some of these are cricutized some arent Smile

Thanks for looking!

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Those look awesome!! Smile

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I played with my DonJuan today too and had lots of fun. Loving how it has founts and shapes.

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I love that word, but I love the cards. Very very very creative, just like you. I love the pink "thank you" cards and the very first one with the flower.

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The blue/brown thinking of you and the last one are my favorites. I love how simple, yet utterly striking the design is with the heart on the last one. The blue/brown color combo is what catches my eye with that one. Great work!

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Those are great!!! I really need to get into card making!!! These always turn out so wonderful!

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Those are all great Zene!! Which carts do you have?

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I am curious to know what carts you have too! Wink

They are all amazing! My favorites are the 3rd one and the 2nd to the last one (the flower one). They are so beautiful!

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I only have Don Juan for now...just bought paper pups online.
The big flower on the first one was cut by hand! The rest are stamped. Thanks for the compliments ladies!

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Wow! All of them are pretty! My favorite is the 8th card...gorgeous!

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Nice work!! Love them all!

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Those are awesome! Do you sell them?

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Yes. OR I try to sell them Wink

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cricutized?!?! that's great! Wink

beautiful work, I envy your busy-ness!

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All I see are boxes with a red x. Hmmmm don't know why but can't wait to see what you have done.

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i LOVE the bird stamp!!
they all came out great!!

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Lots of cards! Good job. I like the first thinking of you card.

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Finally I can see your pics. Very neat love the thinking of you cards.

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Great job!