Altered canvas for friend's bridal shower

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Altered canvas for friend's bridal shower

This was super quick and easy to make. I put a few coats of paint on it over the last couple days in between doing other things. Tonight I sat down with my Gypsy and planned, cut, and glued the letters in less than an hour...and that included measuring to make sure things were centered, etc. Only cost a little over 5 bucks (about 5 for the canvas which is 8x17 and the paper I already had but was a big stack for 5 bucks)

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LOVE it!!! What a great gift!

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How awesome!!! I so want to try something like this someday, but am so scared. Smile This looks GREAT!!

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That turned out great! I made a similar gift for my SIL for Christmas but I forgot to take a picture of it to share here before I gave it to her. I didn't think to use canvas, though! I used a wood plaque thingie. I like the colors you chose - nice and neutral so it can fit in well with anything!

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Beautiful. I agree that the colors are great.

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That is soooo nice! I'd love to make one of these for my parents anniversary coming up in August!!! Smile

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That looks great! I'm going to try altered canvas this summer for our bathroom and the babies room. I'm loving the inspo..

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That's beautiful! I can't believe it was so cheap to make too!

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That is beautiful! What font is "family?" This project would be so awesome to attempt, but I'm such a numpty with my Gypsy it's frustrating! You did a beautiful job!

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Thanks ladies. The font for family is opposites attract - the main cursive font - welded together

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I make something close to this for weddings and baby showers. It's so much fun! I usually do the same thing and I put their last name with family underneath (in opposites attract) and sometimes I put the year of their marriage.

You did a great job! Love the canvas idea!

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that looks fantastic!!!! love that it didn't take you long, that's a nice bonus. Smile