altered frame presents I made

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altered frame presents I made

These are all just from those plain wooden frames you can buy at Michael's...sorry about the quality of the'd think with a huge blanket of snow outside that it would brighten them, not darken them lol

this first lavender one is for my older sister Nicole who I posted about. And that's me with the short hair and Wayne in the back...the kids are her kids Deion, Tyler, and Amber who live with their dad after the split and she has a hard time getting access to them due to my bil so I know she will appreciate the fact that it says "Forever Family"

This next one looks way girly for my brother Jeffree and his fiance Caroline but he is actually really sappy....guess that's what happens when you have 5 sisters and no brothers. Wink I'm going to put a different photo in but haven't developed it yet

And this one is for my country loving sister Kimberley, her long term bf Brody, and her son Jeremy....This pic is years old but it was all I had of the 3 of them...I will just leave them to get a new pic if they want but it looks much better in person.


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OH! Those turned out GREAT! You're family is going to love them! What a really great use of your talent and love!

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very cool

awesome job


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If they don't love them, they're crazy. Great job!

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Those turned out really great, I think your family will love them!

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those are very cute! what a great idea for gifts!

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Cute! What a great gift!

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those are fantastic gifts! They will love them!

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Those are really neat! So you will put those in a regular frame? What a great idea!!

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those are the frames. lol They're wooden and really chunky...the cutouts glued on top are wooden too Smile