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Altered projects- pic heavy

Sorry for the story here...
1st is our JDRF walk fund. The story behind this is Matthew was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just over 2 yrs ago, and since then we have done their walk for a cure twice (we didn't go last year because I had just started back to work after maternity leave with Gabriel). Well this year was the first year I had him collect his own donations (school, church, his dad, grand parents, etc) well the day before the walk he finally gets $5. So this is my "gift" to him, and we will collect spare change through out the year for him to use on the walk next year. I laminated the tag so we can use a dry erase marker to just change the year without me having to make a new tag. I'm not gonna show you the back- because I messed it up, and I got excited about using power tools to drill the money hole in the top and used too big of a drill bit! Biggrin

Then my thank you cards, I've had these for years and never used them, so I decided to spruce them up a bit, I still have more to do yet.


And then a lady on our birth board made something like this, and I had to try it myself. Not too happy with the glitter, but over all I like it. I use it to store important numbers, like our land lady etc in, since we only have a few.

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Mel - those are awesome! I love the money box for the walk, so cool!!!! and those cards look fantastic! I would have never thought to spruce up cards I already have. and that pocket is neat. I've been saving a couple pairs of the kids ratty jeans to do something fun with, just haven't figured out what ...

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That pocket is a really neat idea!

Love the box and the 'new' cards.

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Wow! That box is awesome, and I must say, those thank you cards are beautiful. What a creative way to reuse them and make them into something so nice!

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You are so creative! I love that you spruced up the thank you cards!!! They look great too! And the box turned out awesome! I'll have to remember your pocket idea too, next time I want to throw away an old pair of jeans. Too cool.

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What a CUTE idea about storing numbers! Is it magnetic???? That is adorable!

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The box is wonderful, I really like the colors. That pocket is so cute!!

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Awww, those are cute. I love that you spruced up those old cards, what a great idea.

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those are just awesome...

what kind of box did you use to alter?

i've been wanting to alter some things for gifts lately but really have to get on it. i guess its ok that i haven't started them though since most of our family has bdays in the fall

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I love the box! My family does the JDRF Walk for a Cure every year!
Here's a pic of me and my girlfriends at the walk in 2007 (sorry for the threadjack):

I'm the one in the middle (no sunglasses):

The box is a really great idea.
Your cards look GREAT! You've given me some inspiration!

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do you know someone with diabetes? When is your walk? I'm so jealous that it's obviously when it's warm out! Who the heck decided the walk in MN should be in Jan must be crazy.

Thank you ladies! Biggrin
The pocket is magnetic and the box is a collectible electrasol tin.

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nice projects

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Yes, friend's daughter was diagnosed on her 6th birthday....she will be 14 this year!! Biggrin

Our walk is in September, and yes it's beautiful here in September! Sorry you have to walk in January in MN, but it's for a good cause, right? Wink

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i love them all! esp the box!!! i am inspired to make one for the SGK walk in may. thanks for the idea!!!

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Well done on those projects. I love them all.