Am I crazy????

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Am I crazy????

So I was in Walmart today and we were in the paint isle, and can you guys guess what I took tons of????????

I took a whole crap load of those color sample things, And I mean alot.... And all I could think about was using them for scrapbooking, they may not be all that big but I am sure I can find something to use them for..

I just thought I would let you know about my craziness.

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You are not crazy. I have a bunch of them upstairs with all of my scrap stuff.

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I believe Tia is famous for this....and her daughter helps Smile

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I need to do this...especially the cute mickey mouse ones they have at Home Depot. I work with a speech therapist who has those in her room...not sure what she does with them...color identification perhaps

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"Breen31806" wrote:

I believe Tia is famous for this....and her daughter helps Smile

Hey, I only take a few at a time:ROFL: Sure I go back and get more but I have never had the guts to grab a bunch!!! Can't wait to see how you use them Smile

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LOL! I am sure you can use them somehow! Can't wait to see!

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i think i saw one of those on a card of Karen's recently and thought "there's a good idea!" Not crazy at all!! Biggrin

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LOL! They DO make some great paper crafts.

I mean, er, I've heard they make great crafts. hahaha Wink

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I was gonna say I think Tia does that too ... that's funny - can't wait to see what you do with them!