Am I nuts?

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Am I nuts?

I'm having privacy issues about my scrapbook pages. :confused: My DH thinks I am nuts!

I share my pages with y'all b/c even though it's a public forum, I like having input from someone other than my DH. Smile And I know that you see scrapping in much the same way I do -- these are precious (and in many ways personal) moments that we put on paper. Journaling on a page is a personal thing, too. Sometimes it's just a time/date, but other times it's much more than that.

Anyway, I'm having issues with sharing my pages with my family. Some of it started when my mother-in-law and sil joined Facebook. I had most of my pages posted there. But I felt in some way violated knowing that they had access to them. So I took them down. DH wondered why. I've told him that those pages are for me and for Caleigh. They aren't public pages. When I go to print them, I don't plan on making extra copies for anyone. Not my parents or his. In fact, I may not even show them to anyone else! It's sort of like my pages are a picture journal. And I wouldn't want anyone else to read my personal journal. (Btw, I do digital scrapping, so there's really not a way to "hide" the journaling.)

I guess I should say, I don't feel this way about all my pages. I wouldn't care who saw DD's Halloween pages. But others are different. KWIM?

Does anybody else feel this way? Or am I nuts? Wink

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You're not nuts ... I have some pages I have done that I haven't shared anywhere. Most of the ones I've done for Kaitlyn aren't too personal with the journalling, so I post them on Facebook and online galleries, but there are a handful (maybe 10?) that I've never shared anywhere, not even with dh.

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I don't think that's nuts at all. Sometimes sharing with people you're probably never going to meet is a little easier than people in your family. I know personally I have 2 pages I've not shared with anyone which are pages I made after we lost our little bean. I would be much more likely to share something like that here than with my family who would just think I had lost my marbles.


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I get it! Sometimes men have a hard time seeing things like that. I too have a special book that I scraped after our loss as well, only DH has seen it. Sometimes even when I share my pages that Im proud of I feel a little embarassed when they dont think they are quite as cool as I do. I think its fine, but I would tell your dh why so he understands.

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I know what you mean I have month Calendars that only people who see Noah's book see. Also I love sharing with you guys but now that my SIL is on here I find I share even less I don't know somethings you just don't want everyone in your family to see

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I know what you mean and where you're coming from. There are probably about 15 pages I've never shared on here, because they are personal pages about certain emotions that I don't nessesarily want the whole entire world reading. I guess it's not YOU girls (i.e. all of you regular posters, who are more than online people, but friends!) but the people that can lurk, etc. But almost all the rest of my pages are meant for everyone and anyone to read and I love sharing! Smile