am I over reacting?? OT

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am I over reacting?? OT

OK, so lately I just feel like DHs secretary. He e-mails me a link to a craigslist listing and then says "can you make arrangements to pick this up?" and that's it...not please or thank you or i love it OK that i'm getting :mad: over this? Should I say something?

I know he'll come back with "well how am I supposed to get it? you have the bigger car and I can't pick up a desk?"

I just feel like he's wanting me to do everything FOR him instead of me HELPING him.

am i totaly out of line for feeling this way?

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Sorry Liz. Men just don't think sometimes.

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I would get upset... Just tell him that you don't mind helping him but a please and a thank you or I love you go a long way...

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Yep, I think that's a bit rude, but I also think men don't use the brains God gave em. Smile

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ITA with Samantha!!

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I think Thank you goes a long ways. Remind him that he has the bigger car and you can help him pick it up one day since he will probably need help, and remind him that you have Eli full time and it's not easy carting two year olds around!

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I think too often we forget to use our manners when dealing with our family - I know I'll ask/tell Mark to do stuff without asking nicely or whatever because it's just implied I think. I don't think he meant anything by it (like prev. ppl have said, men don't tend to use their brains!), but he should have done it a bit nicer, and if it were me, I'd probably email back and say "What's the magic word?" - kinda jokingly pointing out that you'd still like a thank you/please ... :bigarmhug:

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Nope I don't think your out of line. Since dh is on the road, I have to order, pick up and "rip" all of the books on cd from the library for him. No pleases or thank you's here. He'll call about random other things he wants me to do for him.

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i would be asking for a big hug and kiss when he gets home! Biggrin i would feel the same way if i were in your shoes.