Am I too nice? (OT, XP)

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Am I too nice? (OT, XP)

Our dayhome provider called me yesterday, bawling her head off because her child bit mine while she was babysitting (they were fighting over a toy).

I spent 25 minutes consoling her that her dd is not evil, she's just a kid, and kids sometimes bite. She was really upset that her dd is going to turn out to be a bad kid and couldn't believe she'd do it, etc.

So my 2 year old ends up with teeth marks (& a bruise), yet I'm the one consoling the mom of the kid who did it. LOL!

I just had to laugh about that. I totally don't think it's her fault - kids act up sometimes - just make sure she doesn't do it again sort of thing. They're bound to fight, they spend 9 hours a day with each other, 4 days a week.

So am I too nice??? Smile

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No, I don't think so. Now, if it continues to happen or daycare provider tried to cover it up, then you get all Mama Bear.

When Alex falls, I immediately say "You're ok!" and act all happy to he doesn't freak. When another kid in my care falls, they are picked up, cuddled, and given a cold compress. Then I fall all over myself trying to explain it to the parents.

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Nope, I think you are great! I worked in daycares in the 2 year old room and I had to be the one to explain to lots of mama's why their baby had teeth marks on their arms, hands, legs, bellies, shoulders and even cheeks. Sometimes kids are quick and bite even when i was hovering over them. I felt awful and cried almost every time I had to tell someone that it happened. Most of the Mama's were not so understanding!

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No, I think you handled it well! I've also had the job of telling the parents their child got bit and it's not a fun thing to tell a parent! Now if it continues...then you don't have to be so nice!

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I concur. You tackled it well since it was the first time, but if it happens time and again i would be opening up a can o whoop arse on them!!