Amy and Kids - Amy

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Amy and Kids - Amy

I demand a layout using your picture in your siggy! Too cute!

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Awww, thanks! I suppose I could print it up and do one, eh? lol I haven't scrapped a recent pic in probably years.

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It is a really nice pic! Smile

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I agree, it is very cute! As is your new one Sarah.

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It's precious!! I Double-Demand. Wink

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That pic is just prefect and soooooo precious! Was it possed or spontaneous? Aorable either way!

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Definatley worth scrapping, might be really cute on the wall too!

Artscow is running a special on 4x4 canvas prints right now. $3.99 with no shipping. Code is 4X4CANVAS399 if you are interested. I just ordered one so not sure how it will turn out.

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It was posed, they would never just hold hands like that on their own. lol I actually took it to replace a pic I have on the shelf in our livingroom that was very similar but taken in 2007.

Thanks for the artscow code, I just may use that!