Andrea's Party (XP, pic heavy)

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Andrea's Party (XP, pic heavy)

Andrea had her party today. It went really well. The ladybug theme was fun. Andrea really had a great time. Dave took the pictures and took some good ones of the food and other stuff, but not a lot of good ones of Andrea Sad Oh well. I have videos of every kid hitting the pinata but not a really good picture of Andrea in her outfit. Lots of pics to scrap though.

Here is the cake. I was proud of it. Andrea helped me with the cupcakes and loved it. I found those great ladybug candles too.

Here is the food table (mini hotdogs is the only thing missing)

We played pin the spot on the ladybug. Andrea went first and actually won by a landslide but I picked another kid of course Wink

We played toss the ladybug and this was the spot

Lots of great gifts of course, and we had Andrea's home videos playing

Andrea loved unwrapping (and had lots of help)

We had coloring and antenna-making

The kids (minus one or two who left early)

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Wow, it looks like it turned out great. The ladybug theme is awesome! I love everything from the cake to the balloon and of course Andrea's outfit. She looks so adorable in her outfit. I always knew her eyes were a gorgeous blue from all the LOs of your that I've seen but that 4th photo down is hauntingly beautiful. I think maybe her serious face and the red skirt really make them pop.

Great job on her party, I bet she had a blast and all the other parents were way impressed.

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that looks like the coolest bday party ever!! that cake is so awesome i had to show DH lol

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woah!!! That was the BEST party!!! I can't believe how organized and wonderful that was!! Love the antenna-making station, her GORGEOUS dress, amazing cake, etc.! How FUN!!!! I'm so glad you shared these with us. Give that sweet girl a birthday hug for me ok?

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wow...everything looks awesome! what a cute really ran with it and had great decorations, games, etc. to go with the theme. I love that ladybug cake...looks like it was fairly easy to do but it looks SO great (my kind of cake)

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wow!!! The cake looks great! Looks like such a great time!! Look how adorable Andrea is in her ladybug costume - so adorable!! Can't wait to see these pictures scrapped!

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Looks like fun! I absolutely love her cake and her outfit, both are wonderful!

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Looks like an awesome birthday party!!! Andrea looks so cute in her ladybug outfit! TFS!

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I Love it!!! Looks like a great time!!! Smile

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What an amazing party. The stuff you did for entertainment look like the kids had a good time.

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Looks like a super fun party! Such creative party crafts/games!! And lovely cake!

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what an adorable party!!!!!!!!!!! everything was just too stinkin cute!!

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Wow!! Can you come run a party for me?? That looks so great Stephanie!! She is beautiful and that cake is awesome!! TFS