angel face, walking, fall and prince charming

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angel face, walking, fall and prince charming

I thought I would add some old pages .
I have called Anthony angel face since he has been born. I still do so here is a page I did on him. The word angel I embossed using pearl embossing powder. (back when I had time to scrap)


This is my fall page. The first time adding buttons to a LO That is me above with short hair. I won't do that again LOL


My Anthony again. It should say prince charming but I ran out of letters so I still have to add that


Tyson walking the white space is for the journaling that I never put there:eek: picture it full of typed journaling Smile


Anyone else have any old ones you like that you have never shared?????
Okay I really did not mean to add my feet! I just saw that LOL!

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Those are very pretty. I really like that paper in the angel LO. The Prince LO is too cute with all the hat shots! Typical boy faces! I like the white edging and stenciling on the Fall LO. Looks like you used chalk?

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Great pages! You're hair isnt that short!

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Tia, that's short hair?

I'm going to try to take some pics of my DS and DSS together this weekend so I'm going to try doing a Prince Charming"s" page.

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your feet made me smile. Wink

LOVE angel face, that's great! they're all wonderful layouts, it's nice seeing older ones from you.

my older ones suck. actually, that's not true, just the ones from my first year of scrapbooking. Lol I might post some older ones someday when I have time to wrestle with photobucket (they're all on photobucket, as I've been posting my layouts on my birth boards for about 5-6 years)

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Those are all very good!!

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Love them all!! The face painting in the fall layout is spectacular. Did you do it??

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"momandteacher" wrote:

Love them all!! The face painting in the fall layout is spectacular. Did you do it??

No that was done by a gal at the pumpkin farm she was great. I thought Gwen's daughter had the same face painting done? Was that your daughter Gwen???

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Thanks for sharing your older pages again Tia! We love seeing them.

1. Love your title!!!! And the wings.

2. Again, you just rock titles. The outlining, buttons, etc. are great. Your hair is pretty no matter what length...I don't think that's short at all though. The block of four pics is great.

3. Love how you used just one large bracket to draw your eye to all the pics.

4. I like your mixture of papers here. It reminds me of something I heard on What Not to Wear (love that show) "brown and black are both neutrals and don't clash"....even though I always thought they would!

ETA: I started scrapbooking when I first joined this board, so have shared pretty much every single layout with you all. Though I wouldn't mind posting some of my older 12x12 layouts of Kayson's first year sometime, so a lot of the new girls can see them.

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My absolute fav is the 1st one! You do some amazing work!

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Great pages Tia!

Btw, I'm tutoring a little girl named Tia. I've meant to tell you that. It's a unique name. Smile