Annabel Leigh

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Annabel Leigh

Some of you may remember my friend's baby, Annabel who I requested thoughts and prayers for... well, she is about to be 8 months old and I made a layout for her. Smile

Such a sweetheart!

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look at that gorgeous smile!! Too cute!! Biggrin You did a wonderful job on the layout hun.

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ooh, that title is just perfect for the pics! Love it!

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Oh Carrie, that is beautiful! What an amazing job you did. TFS

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this is awesome!! look at her precious smile!! priceless!

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love it! the quote is terrific, perfect for the page. and I love her happy smile.

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That's beautiful Carrie! You did a great job on it

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Her mother is going to adore that. You did a great job, thanks for sharing!

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adorable!!! and i love the name and poem!