Annoyed and a little upset....

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Annoyed and a little upset....

You all know how I can't access my pictures.... Well now I just figured out today that I can't even access my digital scrapbook program because he hasn't installed some driver for the computer to make the PC part of the mack work. ( if that makes any sense ) I guess I can wait but it just is a little upsetting that I can't access either.... Blah guess I could just try and work with the pictures in the camera..... Or make some cards....

Oh and we did our taxes last night and I was hoping to get enough back to have extra so I could pick up some paper, but that didnt happen so now I have to wait till the middle of the month.... I still have some left over but I'm sure you all know how it is..... Right.. LOL...

Well time to go clean the house up. Good luck with all your virtual crop challenges today.....

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Hope you can get up and running soon! Sorry taxes aren't as good as you would like.

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Bummer! Well, maybe you can start some cards and sketch out some ideas for when you do get access. :/

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So sorry Sad

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That would be a p!sser. Hope you get it fixed/on the right 'puter soon!

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:confused: Sorry hon. Life sucks sometimes. I like the idea of sketching. I always love to get inspired.

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When you get them back download all your pics to the internet that way you will always have them I love my pro flickr account.

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that sucks! Sad hopefully you will get it up and running soon!

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What an aggravation!! Hope you get it all settled soon.