Another 2 :) and ? about challenge

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Another 2 :) and ? about challenge

Is it ok to enter a double LO for the challenge? Just wondering if there are rules posted about them anywhere or if its just a laid back kind of thing.

And here are two more LOs that both took way too long to finish


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Wow Andrea!! Those are REALLY good!! Did you draw on that first two page LO? And that second one, that paper is sooo pretty. Great work.

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Love the 2 page birth LO, very cute and suitable. Great Job

Love the paper and the overall LO of the 40 week one. The glitter adds just the right touch.


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great LO's!
love the 40 week one... the colors and everything work together great!!!

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very cute! i love the 1st one!

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Oh goodness, in regards to your challenge question, it is up to the host of the challenge. Sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn't, but that is up to the person who chose the challenge.

As for your pages, beautiful. Love the sparkles on both. The baby page is just adorable with the footprints and colors, etc. The second page is really cute. Love the colors you chose and the fact that you are on a swing in the picture.

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Very cute - and I love the flourishes on the second one.

And ITA with Stephanie about the challenges - up to the person who posted it, BUT, the point is to get us scrapping more and trying new things, so it's nice to see more, different, layouts from ppl (even if 1 layout includes all the things for more than 1 challenge). I think for the Virtual Crops, double-duty is ok most of the time too.

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Id say enter it! It's fantastic! Both of them are! love the frames and design on the first one and the sparkle of the second.

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Those are great!! LOVE the second one with all the glitter.

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very nice! I especially love the paper and the glitter used on the second one

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look at you go!! I love both of these! at the rate you're going, you won't be behind on his baby book at all (I'm MONTHS behind now)

I really love both of them, they're beautiful.

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Carrie - yes I hand drew some of the outlining.

Gwen - Yes but you have 4 kiddos so thats a different story.

Thanks all

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Those are both great pages! I love that you took a pic of your last days with him in your tummy. We need some baby update pics:)