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Another Card

I had another baby shower to go to last night. This time I decided to make my own envelope too. I need more practice at folding the envelopes correctly, but it still turned out ok. For the card I used New Arrival and Plantin Schoolbook (sorry the picture is kinda small). I used zig glue to glue the sides of the envelope. Is there something better I can use?

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That is really adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the envelope glue, I use this
readily available at Walmart...along with the refills. Works GREAT.

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CUTE card! I have yet to make my own envelopes, but that one looks great!

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Did you cut your envelope from Plantain Schoolbook? Very cute card Lisa!

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Oh and do you score the lines first before folding? That is the only easy way to get straight lines with the envelopes! Take a ruler and a scorer (or another ruler or something) and score the lines. They cut the tiny little notches on the sides, so you can line up your ruler to those lines, score, then fold.

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brave woman to tackle your own envelopes. Smile Hope you find the secret to getting them to come out.

Cute card, too!

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I do have a cutter that has a scoring blade, but I didn't use it. I will try that with the next one.

Carrie, I used New Arrival for the envelope. I think it was envelope 1.

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Very cute!

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too cute! and I think the envelope looks pretty good. Smile

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CUTE card. I have no clue on envelopes. I am good if I find time to make the card, let alone an envelope!