Another Charys card lift

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Another Charys card lift

I made a card copied from one Charys did. Though mine doesn't come CLOSE to hers, trust me. Smile It is for a good friend of mine's birthday today. The other card is for my BIL and his GF for watching my kiddos last week while friends and I went to a Cardinal game. What fun we had!! Smile TFL

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Very cool Carrie! I love how the doors open!!!

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You're so sweet Carrie, but I looove your take! Of course I love the Kraft and the colors match perfectly. Which cart is that "for you" on? Love it!

The Thanks a Bunch card is so pretty too!

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I think it loos great!!! Love the colors.

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Don't sell yourself short Carrie! Those are both great cards! Great color combos on both of them. Smile

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Nice! You're getting good. I like them both very much.

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oh, they both look FANTASTIC!

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Thanks guys!! Smile Charys, both fonts are from WIMG. I LOVE that I can cut a whole word now. Smile

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That is adorable! LOVE the colors and paper!