Another Cricut Cart question

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Another Cricut Cart question

Does anyone the "Wild Card" one? I am really into card making and it looks super cool but don't know if it's all it looks like it's cracked up to be.

TIA Smile

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I just lurked on the Cricut MB and found the Wild Card board. It looks like a great one! Infact, you can see where one thread a lady says that is her favorite cart yet!

let us know how you like it, if you get it!

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I hadn't heard of it until you posted this. I checked on I don't think I would use it much since I have a regular would only make cards/envelopes 5.5 " and smaller. I usually stick to decorating precut cards or folded cardstock. If you are into cards like that though it would be awesome!

ETA: okay I stand corrected...the examples on the message boards and on their product info are much better looking that the picture on customcrops that shows what it cuts...oh no, now I want ANOTHER ONE haha

ETA again: looks like the ladies on the cricut MB are saying if you have the regular cricut, you can't really make them big enough to be worth it, so I suppose it's not for me. It looks awesome though!