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Another introduction

Hi all! My name is Kristen, mom to Walt who is 7 mo old. I have dabbled in paper scrapping, but when I went to start a 1st year book for my son I was getting frustrated at not being able to create the pages I wanted without buying too much "stuff". Then I started lurking around here and discovered digi scrapping! I downloaded GIMP and a bunch of freebies and I am hooked! Here are my first LOs - I am really pleased with them (although I notice there are a couple of things that need to be fixed now that I look at them side by side!) Smile

Anyway, I LOVE looking at all your pages and thought I would officially come out of lurkdom!

eta: sorry these are so big, I shrunk them in photobucket, but its not seeming to take...

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HI!!! great LO!!! hope you stick around! we're a lot of fun

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that is such a great lo!

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That is great! What a great pregnancy LO. I like how you did the pictures around in a pattern like that and the atnitdotes about good and bad during preg are perfect. Smile

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Welcome!! I love the Lo. I really like how you did the preg pics. Very nice.

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Hello and welcome! Glad you decided to join in the fun. That is a great layout and I love your siggy. Walt is adorable! He's about Madelyn's age. I can't wait to see more of your projects!

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I like the circular shape of your layout. It's round just like your belly pics!!

Nice to meet you!

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WOW that looks great! I wish I had known about digital when my babies were little!

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First off, your son is just a doll!

That lo is too cute! You did a wonderful job! TFS!

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Hello and Welcome!!
That is a great lo! I love the way you have the pictures arranged!

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The way you have all the pictures lined out is great! I love the page! And Walt is sooo cute. Smile
ETA, oh and welcome!! Wink Glad to meet you and have you join us.

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Great job, and welcome to the board!

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HI and welcome

thats an awesome page!! well done

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