another miles page...

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another miles page...

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that page looks amazing!! oh and btw i LOVE his blonde hair in your siggy Wink

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LOVE that Ashley. And I agree, his hair is sooo blond and soo cute. TFS

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awwwww!! that's great Ashley! Glad to see you're keeping up with his pages.

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Great page Ashley! Miles is soo CUTE!

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love it!!! the bird is almost as cute as the baby. Wink

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It's adorable! Great bird BTW.

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That is so sweet. Your pages are awesome. The bird is cute. I love little birds!

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I love the bird on the page, it's so cute! Great page!

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Awww! A very cute page! I love the green photo corner at the top of your border paper. And the bird is an adorable touch.

And I was going to comment about your siggy, too. Miles is gonna break some hearts!

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Love the quote! And that little birdie is adorable!

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I love it! The bird is too cute and I love the paper choices. His super blonde hair is so pretty, if I can say that Wink But Im biased to blonde hair Wink

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I like the page alot.... the blank spot on the lower right just keeps calling to me. I don't want it to seem like there is anything wrong with the page, because it IS beautifully done, but if you want to tinker at all, you could maybe try making his name bigger and putting it in that space, and moving his stats up a little. I dunno. Maybe it would be too busy then.

As is it's still great like I said. Maybe it's just my tinkering nature.

And as pp have said.... man is Miles a heartbreaker in your siggie pic. He is truly one handsome little dude.

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that is adorable!

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This is so awesome in every way!! Love the bird, photo corners, ADORABLE pic, stats, quote etc. etc.

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