Another Mothers Day Card

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Another Mothers Day Card

This is the card I made for my mom. I usually call her Mother Dear and I've never given her a serious card. We always joke and pick on each other

It's a Tri-fold...not too happy with the way I folded it but I'll know for next time. the lettering on the front is from the Don Juan and Opposites attract.

Sorry the last page of the card is so blurry but it reads.... could have a daughter as perfect as me.

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hehehehehehehe. We not only share a birthday, but our mother's have great sense of humors.

My mom and I liked (before I married and moved) going into a card store, searching around for a card, handing it to the other person, reading it, making a big scene in the aisle, then laughing and putting it back and saying "Good deal, meet you here next Mother's Day?"

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That is so funny! Smile

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That is totally something that I would give my mom:D

That is great!

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that card is awesome! Biggrin

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Love the trifold idea! Great work!

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That quote is GREAT! Smile And great idea to tri-fold a card like that.

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very cute. I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for my mother.

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hehehe LOVE it!!

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oh now that is an awesome card!! I am so going to lift that next year!

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Great card, is the lettering on the front stickers? I love the trifold design. What might you do differently next time?

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LOL! That is so funny. I love the tri-fold idea!

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Love it! Lol

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very cute card lol! love that ribbon!

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that is awesome! I love the sentiment. and that you call your mom Mother Dear, that's a riot! how old were you when you started that?