another new page from me

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another new page from me

I'm on a roll lately, huh!? I think this one is my new personal fav!

I used Wild Card for the tree, m, and the scalloped circle around the pig. TFL! Biggrin

{I hope the pics aren't too big, if they are please let me know and I'll change them.}

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Gosh! I LOVE this page! Can I scraplift it????

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"jd6405" wrote:

Gosh! I LOVE this page! Can I scraplift it????

Go for it, I'd be honored! ROFL

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your son is so freaking adorable!! i love seeing pics of his smile!! oh yeah the page is nice too Lol

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I LOVE this! It's totally liftable!

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I totally want to scraplift this! Great page, great list, love the blocking, everything!

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This is going in my lift folder too! IT's perfect!

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nice layout, cute idea!

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Sooo cute! I love it!

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OMG I LOVE that face that Miles is making! Damien makesz the same one and your page reminded me to scrapbook it! Love the lo

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Very cute idea! This may be going in my scraplift folder too

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Fabulous page Ashley! The cuteness of that son of yours takes away from the LO though. LOL He's such a doll!!

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Oh goodness, Miles is getting so big! Nice page. The scallop is an awesome touch.

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I love this page. Everything about it is just awesome!

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I am so happy to see another page from you! I've really missed seeing your work. I think this is super cute! where did you get the "I love you" card from? Did you make it?