Another page!

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Another page!

This is going to be the main page of his book..the first thing you will see when you open it up...sorry bout the pics again...stupid photobucket.

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Very, very sweet. I love the photo. Great page, perfect for a first page! Biggrin

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That is so cute. I love the picture you chose and the way you threaded the paper through Smile

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Wow, great job on the paper weaving! The effect is so soft and sweet. Like he's laying on a quilt. Smile

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that is precious!
great job with the weaving!

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Aw I love it! What an adorable picture.

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that is beautiful!

did you weave the paper? or is it a patterned?

I love how it all looks together!

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Wow, what a great 1st page! I have to ask, how did you do the paper weaving?? I think I wanna scraplift that idea! Wink

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Yup its paper weaving Smile It was pretty easy...I took a piece of my 12x12 cardstock and folded it in half...then measured 1 inch from the opening of the fold and drew a line the whole way across...this is your guide for how far you will cut to...then I just took a pair of my scissors that allows me to cut designs and cut from the folded end up to the line i do this the whole way across the paper....then I made about 1.5-2 inch strips using some of my other cardstock and just weaved it in and out..i thought it looked pretty cool...initially I did the blue on black background but it looked too harsh so i ripped it apart and started over...btw if i was too confusing here are instructions that helped me...


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Thats great, I love the weaved paper!!

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Wow! That looks great!!! Thanks for sharing... well it looks like I think i've chosen our next mini-challenge technique... Lol

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So cool! Thanks! My little slow mind had to think about that but eventually got it! LOL

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Great idea! I love the weaving. It does look like he's laying on a nice baby quilt.