another page, and first time stitching

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another page, and first time stitching

my layout (sorry its blurry)

and my first attempt at hand stitching--I love it and it was really easy to do

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wow! That looks awesome!!! I've been thinking about trying that stitching technique! Did you use that embossing floss?? I think that's what i'm going to try...

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Love the flower detail, that looks great.

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Love the stitching!

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Great job on the stitching! I really like how you did that!

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The flower came out great. I love it!

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very cute! Love the stitching!

I'm really hoping we have a stitching challenge one of these days ... because that's probably going to be what forces me to try it. I want to ... but I just don't do it.

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Love the stitching!!

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Great job!!! I've never tried it either.

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Beautiful stitching!

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Great stitching! That is a great idea. I love how you used the buttons as well.

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the stitching is AWESOME! I've only done it a couple of times, but it really adds a nice feel to a page. And I just love your use of the buttons.