Another page.... and the story behind it

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Another page.... and the story behind it

It was Feb 13th of this year. Dh said he had to go shopping so I figured he waited till the last minute and went to get me something for vtimes day.
Well he was gone for hours and since It was getting late I called him. He did not answer his phone so I waited a little bit and called again but stll no answer. We have been together for 11 years and I trust him but remember I was pregnant at the time. So my pregnant mind starts wondering.... I'm thinking the night before valentines day, he's not answering the phone, and i'm big and pregnant. I started thinking what if he is by some girl or something. Once it hit 10:00 I knew all the stores and malls were closed so by this time I was steaming mad wondering WTH was going on and why he would not answer his phone. Finally at 10:40 he walks in the door and i'm so mad at this point I ask right away where he had been. He sais shopping and when I say I called he sais he did not hear it. I can tell he is lying as he studders over his words so being pregnant I start crying. I say to him I don't know whats going on but I can tell your lying to me. I even went as far to ask him if he was cheating on me. Once I said that, he sais that is the last thing you should think. He tells me- I wanted to keep this a secret till tomorrow but I don't want to see you cry. He lifts up his shirt and sais Happy Valentines Day.
Turns out he was at the tatoo shop and not only did it take longer than he thought but he could not answer his phone cause I would have heard the tatoo gun. Wow! Talk about feeling stupid. I said sorry about 100 times. We both still laugh about it and even though he thinks I ruined his surprise it was my best present ever. Here's the page



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That is a great story. And such a pretty LO!

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That's a great story! I think I would have been pissed that my DH got my name tattooed on him b/c he HATES tattoos. LOL That is such a great honor to you. Smile

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Lol Thanks for sharing the story. How sweet and a great memory. Your page is fantastic. I love the background script, etc.

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The story behind the photos is great!!!! Don't you just love pregnancy hormones?!??!

The mirrored heart looks great on this! And so do the colors! You tied everything perfectly!

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What a beautiful story. Sounds like you have a fantastic DH!! TFS such a beautiful story and page with us.

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what a story! that's a beautiful tattoo, and the page is just wonderful. Smile

did you journal the story anywhere on the page? (like under a picture) if not, you should!

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Wow, that's a great story and a great layout! I really love the paper you used!

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awwww!!!!! Good job guy!! And great lo hun Biggrin