Another prof picture page

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Another prof picture page

Just a simple page ... but I like how it turned out. Wink

This is Jordan's 2 year portraits - I didn't put her age on it since the "2" was in the pictures.

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Great page. I like it just the way it is. She is such a cutie!

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Very nice! I need to do more professional pics pages, I have never used any prof pics yet!

Great work!

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Awww, very cute. I like her pictures. I really need to take your idea and make some prof picture pages.

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That is TOO stinking cute! I LOVE the simplicity!

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Gwen, this is so cute! The ducks sure made me smile. The prof. books you are making your kids are going to be treasured.

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Wow! She sure does look a lot like Natalie at this age!!! Crazy! So cute! Biggrin

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I was going to say EXACTLY what Ash said! She does! That is one cute LO!

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I like it Smile

I sometimes like to do simple layouts too Smile

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Cute!! Are the duckies stickers or brads?

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the ducks are stickers. but now that you mention it, I think I have duck eyelets. I need to remember I have those!

oh, and if you think Natalie and Jordan look similiar there, wait until I do the pictures from her daycare fall shot that year. it's wild how similar they are there. (I think that might be next in my pile from Jordan's book).