Another QP makeover

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Another QP makeover

Again, it is another case of What Was I Thinking? The care bear stickers are really weird with the navy & gray paper.


AFTER (using Quick Page plus some added elements):

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I like it Smile

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I think you are doing awesome with digital! I love everything about it!

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I love it!

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In your paper pages defense, I think it's a lot harder to find embellishments, etc. for paper, because of the cost, so you did good with what you had to work with. I like both pages, but I can see what you mean...the second matches so much better and is very good!

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love it!!!

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Very nice. I love the bright colors and the film strip!

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oh, I love the new page! I'm with you, the care bears looked out of place. the new page looks FUN, just like I'm sure the day was.