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another score

Went to JA's today to get some single sheets of cardstock to make the rest of the canvases for DS's room, and I started looking at the stacks of 12x12. Found one that was neutrals, kind of textured cardstock, but it was missing the cover and first several sheets. So it was marked "damaged 50% off" right now stacks are half off anyway so I took it up to the cashier and asked if it was half off the sale price, since the normal ones are already marked down 50%. She said she thought it should be half off the sale...otherwise, why buy the damaged one, ya know. So I got a 12x12 stack for 4.50 and only 8 of the 58 sheets and the cover were missing Yahoo

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Holy cow!!! That's a great deal! Lucky you!!

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lucky! Wink

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that is awesome!

Angie and I were just talking on Facebook about how we have too much paper. Lol So I really am trying not to look at ANY paper, despite the good deals.

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That is lucky!! I am a paperholic! I can't not buy paper! LOL!

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Wow, great deal!!! I have banned myself from buying patterned paper, unless I have a specific use for it. Wink Solid colors I go through, but for now I really don't need anymore paper.