Another TTC update.

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Another TTC update.

I'm not sure if I posted here in June that my dr sent me for an ultrasound because he thought I might have a 'bulky uterus'? Anyways, I went for the u/s and what they found was a 10 cm cyst on my left ovary. He decided to wait and see if it dissolved itself, and I had to go back for another u/s mid Sept.

I went to the Dr last week to get the results and not only has it not dissolved, it got bigger. It's now 11.4 cm, and I have 2 more on my right ovary now, that are 5 cm and 2 cm each. I've been in a lot of pain from the one on my left, too. So, he is now referring me to a gynecologist (who is also a surgeon). I go there on Nov. 15th, that's the first they could get me in for an 'emergency' appointment. They figured I should get in ASAP because of the pain, but he's booked solid. He has a good reputation, and my mom has gone to him before.

So that's where we're sitting right now ... besides what has happened with Mark, we're now dealing with all this crap with me, and with cysts on both ovaries chances are I'm not ovulating at all. We are about ready to give up TTC (it has been 20 months), although I don't know if I'm ever really going to be ready to 'give up' the hope of having another baby. More than anything, I want to see Kaitlyn be a big sister, and it's hard coming to the realization that it will likely not happen.

Anyways, that's what's been up with me.

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that's a crazy big cyst, and I can't believe there's more on top of that. you poor thing. I'm glad that you can get in this year to see the doctor. I mean, it sucks that it's not sooner, but I'm glad it's not later. there's a girl in my BLC group who is in terrible pain daily for endo, and can't get in for surgery until Feb! I think that's the big downside for the Canadian medical care, the waits at times (especially for gyn related things). I sure hope that once you get rid of these cysts that a baby happens for you.

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I agree with what Gwen said. I hope that once they take care of this you will get a bfp! I would say, don't give up yet! Wait and see what happens after November! I really hope it works out for you soon!

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Wow so sorry you are going through all of this. I totally agree with Gwen. Take this time to get everything with you straightened out and then fingers crossed (praying for u as well) you'll get your BFP when everything else is handled. Big Hugs and thanks for KUP. I agree with Angie I wouldn't give up yet

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Definitely don't ever give up! It took us 3 1/2 years to get pregnant with Xavier...I am so glad we didn't give up. In January it will be 4 years of trying for number 2...and I am not ready to give up quite yet. I am actually headed to see an endocrinologist in a couple weeks. I have PCOS, but luckily I have never had big cysts like you have. Sending you :bigarmhug:! Just remember don't give up!

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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of all of your cysts! I can't believe you have such a long wait. Hopefully once they're taken care of a bfp will happen quickly for you! :bighug:

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I am so sorry! I hope that things will be taken care of soon and you can have a BFP ASAP! Thinking and praying for you!

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I'm glad they have at least found them and are dealing with them.

Huge hugs!