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&anthony:( update post 10

cause I am never at home!!! My life is so crazy since school started. Jazz and Tyson go to school 15 min away from home. Jazz has gone to the same school since 1st grade so when we moved I did not want to switch her and make her make all new friends. SO... since she was at that school I had to put Tyson there so he would be with her. On top of that Anthony's school is 25 minutes away but in a totally different town than Jazz and Tysons! Our truck broke down so we are down to one car till we can get it fixed so here is my day...
Wake up @ 4:45 get kids stuff ready. Take dh to work about 12 minute drive. Thank god Anthony is old enough to stay home with sleeping kids. Come home get everyone ready. Take Anthony to school then turn around and go to mils since we still have 30 min till other school starts then I drop off Jazz and Tyson. I get home around 9 am but always seem to have running around to do for an hour or two. Then I work out. yes! me time!!! I have been working out for 2 weeks now without giving up!!! However that is after I nurse Damien (yes I am STILL nursing) and get him down for a nap. After that I clean (sometimes) and then at @ 2:30 i have to start pick up. I get Anthony then kids then dh! Man, and I thought once I had them in school I would get a break! Not to mention that Anthony has about 2 hours of homework that I have to help him with. So as I am cooking dinner I am going back and forth checking everyones homework and bookbags. Everyone tells me- just have them switch schools! Thing is I had to do that when I was in 5th grade and I went from being popular to the school dork. That lead me to not want to go to school and I want my kids to be confident at school. I guess it is my sacrifice to them. They better thank me when they get older.
On a whole other note my poor Anthony!
He goes to his dads on the weekends. Well turns out that dad and him have been going to hotels cause stepmom does not want him there!!! At first I was like wow they must have money to go to all of these waterpark hotels all the time but then Anthony told me that stepmom never came with. So finally a weekend when he stays at dads house and stepmom kicks my baby out!!! I guess she walked in and slammed the door and almost hit Anthony so he said hey, you almost hit me and from there it snowballed. She told him to get out and Anthony took off. He said he was gone for 4 hours without any shoes!!!! I asked why he did not call me and he said cause he forgot the #. His dad never used to let him call me Sad so when he moved in for good he knew the old # but not the new one! I hate myself for not thinking of that but it is over with now and he now knows the number. He knew the address by heart so he said mom, I was going to wave down a car and ask them for a ride! That is when I lost it not with him but with his dad. So I guess after 4 hours Anthony stopped a stranger!!!! and asked to use HIS cellphone to call his dad. I guess dad and cops were out looking for him but as a father woulden't you call me and see if Anthony called! He never called me! I heard this from Anthony when we picked him up. Of course I went off on dad and told him Anthony would not go there anymore if this would happen again. I wanted to never have him there but his dad used to hold Anthony from me and I promised myself I would never sink to that level. Plus it is healthy for Anthony to see both parents. I know I am his mom but honestly Anthony is the best behaved most respectfull kid ever! He would never disrespect stepmom. I guess they told Anthony that she was not taking her meds??? Nice excuse! They always say she has ocd and needs meds but to me it sounds like bipolor disorder. Well the next day Anthony could hardly walk. He said he ran a few miles so I took him to the Dr. to find out he had tendonitis. He over did it with running and his tendon was all swollen. He had to be off gym for a week and took off school that day. I had to involve the school because of this. I asked the school counselor if she could talk to Anthony. I went to the same school and had the same counselor so I knew her well. I also had the same principal and some of the teachers lol! I had conferences on Thursday night and they were all laughing that I was on the parent side of the table. (cause I had Anthony so young) Well in all this is why I have not been on here. Trying to give Anthony lots of love and work things out. The school is also helping out. I hope you all don't think I am nuts for telling you all of this but I know you all and did not want you to think I was ditching you all. Anthony and I have a plan in place if this would ever hapopen again so I hope it is over with. On a good note I got all of Jazzy's pics back I will post a link when I have time lol!

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Tia :bigarmhug: so sorry to hear that happened to him. I'm glad you have a plan in place if it was ever to happen again. Look forward to seeing Jazz's pics.

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wow hun that's a lot on your plate! Sorry you guys are going through so much right now. :bigarmhug: Anthony sounds so much like my beloved nephew Jeremy, who was in much of the same situation you describe, so lots of what you say hits home. I will keep him and your family in my prayers :bigarmhug:

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The parts about Anthony make me want to cry. I'm so sorry you're still dealing with issues with the dad.

The school part... oh hun, I totally understand. I wake up at 6:15, get the kids going at 6:30 and we're out the door by 7:10 at the latest for a 45 minute drive to school (they often eat in the van). I get home around 9am unless I have to grocery shop or run errands...which I try to keep to a min. I have to leave at 1:50 to pick up the kids in time and am never home before 3:30. It's a sacrifice for sure, put it is sure worth it to have my kids in schools where they LOVE going, are supported and loved back.

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wow! I'm glad he's okay. but that's not right about his stepmom. I don't know what to tell you there. you're right in that it's healthy for him to spend time with his dad, but not when his stepmom treats him that way. I wonder what a good solution would be. I know you like the school Anthony is in, but wouldn't it be more sane if all three kids were at the same school? something to consider ... Anthony would totally adapt to a change in school, especially if it was at the start of a school year.

and I think it's great that you're getting some "me" time in there too. Smile

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I'm so sorry. Yuck.

So step-mom is not kicking them out to hotels anymore? Crazy stuff.

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Wow, you've been busy! And that is incredible about Anthony! My DH had the same situation when he was about Anthony's age, where his stepmom didn't want him and his sister there, and in the end she made his dad choose - her and her kids or his kids .. he picked her (and that was the last time dh talked to his dad, when he was 13). I really hope it doesn't come to that for Anthony though, even though his stepmom sounds like a piece of work!

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I am glad that you and Anthony and the school are working that all out Tia. I can't imagine how hard that would be to send him to his dad's, but glad you are doing what you feel in your heart is right. And all that running for them too??? You are a great mom Tia, and your kids are VERY lucky to have you. Smile I hope things settle down and that if you do change them to all one school that it is an easy adaption. I always feel bad we never go anywhere, but guess I should be happy instead about that. In fact, yesterday my DH had to take his car 30 minutes away for inspection and licensing and we all went cause I never get out of the house really. LOL You are an inspiration for us mom Tia, and I hope everything works out with Anthony and his dad.

I commend you too for working out everyday. I do that in my home as well, and it's very hard and takes a lot of discipline, so kudos to you. Smile Hope you can post more girly!!

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Poor Anthony, that is just so sad!

Sorry you have such a hectic schedule!

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First of all thanks everyone for your support!

Trina, my heart goes out to your husband what pain he must have went through. After something like that he is lucky to have you as his wife.

Mish- glad to know I am not the only one who is running around like a chicken with my head cut off LOL! I feel your pain Smile

Gwen- Since Anthony is older he is in middle school and the town I am in only has an elementry school. The middle school is in the next town over so just as far the other way as his school now Sad

Carrie- thankyou so much. Sometimes you just need to hear that you are doing the right thing. You are such a sweetheart.

Karen, I am sorry for you nephew I will keep him in my prayers.

As for Anthony he is doing good. Dad and stepmom and him had a talk. Anthony and I have a plan incase it would happen again. He did talk to the counseler but did not tell me what about but that is okay atleast he got it off his chest.