Any ideas for today's Tip?

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Any ideas for today's Tip?

I'm plum out of ideas.

HEEEELP!!! :help1:

Got any great tips you care to share?

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Here's a digi tip on how to save those horrible photos - I won't copy the whole thing, but she explains it in detail here:

She took this picture:

And turned it into this:

I have several photos that are that dark, and I really liked her explanation.

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If any of you get fabritac ever, don't use the little topper thing. Just stick a push pin in the top nozzle. It'll keep your glue from drying out and won't fall out.

Oh! I have another one. Embellishment boxes are expensive and don't always work that well. Plastic tackle box containers are much cheaper, individually lock and are the perfect size for buttons, brads, etc.
Let me go take a picture of mine....

Here... My friend got it from the fishing section from Cabella's. I don't know the exact cost, but we only spend about $10 on each other usually and I got this and something else.

It folds in half so it stores very compactly.

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Wow, I'm going to download that noise reduction software Trina..thanks for sharing that site!

Michelle, love that idea! I need to organize better and a tackle box seems like the perfect solution. I've got embellishments in baggies everywhere.

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Michelle- I use the little tackle box for my buttons too! It works wonders! It's much, much cheaper too! Wink

We had a small tub of ice cream for Ruthie's b-day and I washed it, planning on using it for my stamps. My little compartment I have them in right now, is not working, so I think this little tub will be perfect. No, it's not cute, but it works!

*Off to check out the site!*

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If you have a bead section at your craft stores they have those containers too. Do I use them? Nope, dont know why Lol I just have little packages everywhere!

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Nope non to share yet but love learning from you girls. And I wanted to say the best tip I got was from everyone here yesterday for fixing my non cutting circut. Tonight I had a sticky mat and a cutting bug. I made 8 yard sale signs!!!