Any scrappy plans this weekend?

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Any scrappy plans this weekend?

I haven't done my weekly layout yet, so I am going to try to do that today or tomorrow. I ordered some new paper and ink and I would like to play with it all. I am still waiting on my Silhouette Cameo I ordered 3 weeks ago to get here! I think I will be scrapping like mad when I finally get it.

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You got a Cameo?! I'm coming to your house when it gets there! Lol Let us know how it is, I want one too! is having an online crop this weekend, I think I'm going to look at some of their challenges and make some pages. I also have a paper to write this weekend that is due Sunday, so we will see!

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Nothing scrappy. I did start a yarn wreath to hang on our front door and I'm almost done with that. Just need to make a few more felt flowers.

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I worked on some thank you cards so I can finally send thank yous for both boys' birthday presents.

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well, I got one card and one layout done.

The card is a lift from one I saw on pinterest but I can't find it again right now. I thought I pinned it.


and one layout