Is anyone a photography guru? I have a question...
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Thread: Is anyone a photography guru? I have a question...

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    Default Is anyone a photography guru? I have a question...

    Hi. I'm a lurker on the Scrapbook board and get so many useful ideas and inspiration from many of you.

    I was wondering if any of you knew or could set me in the right direction regarding making a photo book with either scanned photos or bringing negatives somewhere. I'll be back in the US in December visiting family and figured that would be a good time to get this project done. I thought if I got a clue now, it would make the job easier come December (which will be busy).

    I want to make a Photobook (with iPhoto or maybe even Shutterfly or similar) of my wedding but we got married prior to the big digital craze. I could kick myself for not getting digital! I do have all the negatives. The negatives say Kodak Gold 100-6 if that means anything.

    I tried scanning the pics at highest resolution but they still look terrible. Do I have any chance of using the negatives to get a quality digital image so I can then get them into iPhoto to make a book? I know I should scrapbook my wedding but making a photo book would be so much easier as well as it would be cool to have all my favorite wedding pics on the computer.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to give

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    I know at Walgreens you can take you negatives and they will put them on a digital cd. It costs around 9 dollars. Hope that helps.

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    There are scanners you can get, or an attachment to an exisiting scanner, where you can scan the negatives, and it scans them at high resolution, so the pictures come out perfect. I know Regal sells them for about $100, but so do stationary/computer stores, I think for less but I'm not sure. You could check where you are. I really want to get one but it's out of the budget for now!
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    I recomend the option of taking them to a photoshop and having the negatives put on CD. Almost all photo places will do this.
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    Thanks everyone for the great advice! I'll bring the negatives with me and get them on CD

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