Anyone scrapping?

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Anyone scrapping?

I'm still working on my one a week goal. I was doing great, but the last couple weeks I have been reading in every spare minute ( hahaha, I don't have many) that I get. I have been putting off my layout until Sunday evening. I am just waiting on the little ones to go to sleep so I can do something tonight.

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i took some stuff to the beach with us, and I did some LOs while there. I only got to work on stuff one night, since we were busy doing fun vacation stuff the other nights, but I am still happy i packed my stuff. I think I got 2 double LOs and 2 single 6 pages total. I just need to add a title to one of them with cricut letters. I had a bunch of stickers with me, but none of the stickers went with my Thanksgiving LO

Hope to get some stuff done once I unpack all my scrapping supplies!

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I went to Archivers last week when I visited home and bought a TON of paper and other things. They had an amazing 50% off all paper and embellies! So now I am in that overwhelming stage because I don't know where to start. Hoping I can get back on track this week!

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Not scrapping. I don't have a SINGLE - not even 1 - page for Vivian's album. And she's 8 months old. Sad

I have been doing some general crafting though. I've been working on some new fall decor...I love decorating our house for fall!

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I've been busy switching Andrea's room with the school room. It is sooooo much work because the school room was also my sewing room and craft room. I just can't figure out what to do with all the stuff.

The good thing is that I do have to scrap occasionally to keep up with my CT requirements Wink