Anyone use Picasa2?

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Anyone use Picasa2? I downloaded Picasa2, have a bunch of photos in there. Then went to and downloaded a couple free pages and embellishments and letters. I just wanna make a sample page, and I'm like an old man using the computer for the first time!! I am so afraid to touch anything!
Can someone pleeeease just walk me thru it, the layers, etc? I know this has been asked a ton of times, I just need it to CLICK in my brain!!! :help:

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I LOVE it! Ive used Picasa a long time - it is an easy way to do crops & edit pics fast, then you can also export them to PSP or Photoshop or whatever

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OK, so you dont actually do the pages within the Picasa program? You crop or edit and all that good stuff, then take them to Photoshop and do the pages there?
I also just downloaded Photoshop to try it for 30 days.

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Gwen (coolmama72) here, posting under my friends name Lol

I use Picasa all of the time, but not for pages. It is wonderful for editing photos (I love some of the special effects, especially the soft focus). But you can not do a page with it. It is just not meant for that.


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OK, so here is my next question....If I have Photoshop, do I even need Picasa? I downloaded Adobe Photoshop to try it for a month, but if it can crop and edit photos there, is there a purpose to having Picasa?

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i would say that you DON'T need picasa if you have photoshop... there are many more cool effects you can do on photoshop Smile