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Apparently ...

This page is good! I got a gallery standout nom at digishoptalk, and I made it onto the inspiration4scrap blog. I posted it then logged off the computer, came back to check things out and had over 50 comments (from various sites). Woot! Smile (see the last entry for today) (post 88)


Oh - here's the page lol And while I'm here, a halloween card I just made Smile

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Posts: 1393 do i say this? THAT PAGE IS AMAZING!! LOL holy crap! :eek: and that card is just too adorable!

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Way to go lady!

The card is adorable Smile

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The page rocks!! It makes me want to do a black and white photo on grey like that with just a touch of color. WOW!!! I love it! The card is awesome too!

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I think that page is my new favorite of yours.

Great card!

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I still like the one from yesterday better, but it's sooooo close for me. Smile It's so hard to pick a fave cause each one is just awesome!! Congrats girl! Cute card too. Smile

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That page looks like you can feel the wind in the photo. AMAZING!!!

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"apparently"?! you kill me! love the page! and the card is super cute. Smile

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That is an amazing lo. LOVE the colors and the photo! Well done! You deserve it!