april 18th-25th stuff (very pic heavy!)

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april 18th-25th stuff (very pic heavy!)

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been around much...I've tried to catch up on posts as best as I can for now...here's my latest work Smile

This is for my 3 1/2 year old nephew who broke his foot jumping off the couch at his daycare…

Wayne had a great idea to screw up the white paper cast I did using white out so it’s all scratchy and realistic now. I love it! He is super creative. He thought up the title to this next page too! I am trying to do a page each of the daycare kids about their main interests/obsessions…

I put the "extreme" sticker on there cuz Randy's clothing line is called Extreme Couture. lol

For my Mom for Mother’s Day…this idea came to me yesterday….took WAY longer than I thought lol

My mom’s bday is right after mother’s day…she is a super sporty chick.\…even plays on a soccer team still! Lol

Okay…so I wondered about posting this or not. Lol…I’m pretty well poking fun at my childhood dysfunction…but all you have to do is laugh, I promise. I laugh my head off every time I look at this. Lol

and for the record, I of course would never laugh at another child who was cross-eyed...it was more because it's me...and I just "went" cross-eyed, one day. lol

Anywhoooo..thanks for looking!

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Thanks for that last LO I am laughing so hard right now. LOL!

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There are so many scraplift worthy layouts here! Seriously awesome. I can't pick a fave. They all have their awesomeness! I LOVE your mother's day card. Such a great sentiment behind it. Thanks for sharing the story of your childhood layout. It made me smile.

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What awesome stuff you've done here Karen. I LOVE the daycare pages, how sweet that you're doing them specific to each child. That ariel girl is a DOLL!!! I too love that mothers day card. How adorable! and the cross eyed LO is also really good. I enjoyed reading your journaling too girl. TFS your great work!

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Karen- I am so happy to SEE your work! YAY! Yahoo I love the Tough Guy card! That' a cute idea! I like the Randy page, b/c I too am a fan of him! We got to meet him about 2 years ago, and he signed a copy of Ruthie's picture. He's a great man! Biggrin LOVE your mom card!

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Karen, you're just the best! I love your pages. I love that you can laugh at things that were difficult. I love that you and Wayne are so sweet to each other! And I love your daycare pages. Oh and that's a really cute Mother's Day card.


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this is the best thread ever! i love seeing sooo many pages from you! the cross-eyed one definitely takes the cake Smile

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Karen! Ahhh, I wanna reply to each and everything! Where do you get the creativity? The superman cape on the boy with the cast is perfect for your nephew's card! I LOVE the Mother's Day card...you just about summed up a mother's work......looove how you included all the many "hats" mothers wear. Dont' you know that's going in my lift file!! Biggrin Both you and Wayne are so sweet to eachother. I love what you guys did for eachother's birthdays...the layouts are great! Any Excuse to Party is fabulous!! Oh, did i ever mention how awesome your daycare is?!?!! If I didn't yet Wink well, it's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You couldn't have matched better paper for the Earth Day layout! And you already know how much I love the cross-eyed layout!
Yay, I needed a "cheer me up" tonight and your post did just that!

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You ladies are so sweet. I love you guys xoxo

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Karen!!!! You've been really busy! First, I love the cross eyed layout, the journaling is perfect. What a story!!!

And the cards and layouts all look great. Forgive me for not replying about each one, I'm short on time. But I really loved the beauty & the bug - reminds me so much of my Jordan. And I adore the birthday queen one, that's awesome!!!