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Argh! I wasted most of yesterday trying to get a stupid virus off my computer! So if you got anything from me yesterday or today thru email or facebook, DELETE it!

I searched for a digiscrap designer and the first link was to their site, clicked on it and it sent me to a hack site (one of those ones that you can download anything anyone else has put up on the site to 'share'). I thought 'well, that's weird' and clicked back to check the link, then my antivirus went BEZERK. It popped up a bunch of times telling me my computer was infected and it quarrantined the files, I quickly unplugged both externals and disconnected my internet connection and ran a full scan on my computer, which took hours. I'm pretty sure I got rid of it all (virus scan this am said there was nothing), but man is that ever annoying.

DH's response annoyed me - 'well it's no wonder, you go on so many sites'. Um, yes, it's my fault google's link to afterfivedesigns was not actually a link to afterfivedesigns. Argh.

Anyways ... gonna try and get some more scrapping in tonight for the challenges, not sure how I'll do. I'm going to find an online backup site tonight too, I've been meaning to but haven't gotten around to it, and now I know for sure I need to do it, I don't care about the kits, etc, but the photos and layouts I wouldn't want to lose!

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that sucks! and it's quite the reminder that I need to back up too. I keep meaning to ...

Mozy is a good one, DH uses it all of the time. I used it before I switched computers. And if you sign up, say I referred you (please). I thnk you just need my email address for that.