Arghhh... cricut complaint!

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Arghhh... cricut complaint!

OK, let me start off by saying school is out and I'm ready to scrap! Yahoo

Sorry I have been a little MIA. I was stressed getting my room packed up for summer and I decided in place of paper scrapbooks for my students this year, I would do digital photo stories. I didn't realize how many pics I had taken until it was time to go through them. I will say that even though they took over an hour each to burn (too many pics :)), its much cheaper and still less time than I normally spend on their memory books.

I've spent the last few days doing some deep spring cleaning since my hand is healing now and now I'm all ready to scrap for a while. My goal... to finish last
year's vacation album before we leave in 2 weeks for our next vacation. Wink I also have some baby shower stuff to do for a coworker.

And here's my gripe. I have earned bonus points on the cricut site for carts I have bought and they wont add any newer ones. I keep waiting and waiting for them to add some different ones b/c I really don't see one I want and BOO they are the same old ones.

House is clean, errands are about to be ran, grilling out with DH when he gets in and then CHA-CHING, off to scrap my little heart out b/c it doesn't matter what time I get in the bed! Smile

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Yay for a summer break! I'm glad you are healing well.

As far as the Cricut rewards, be patient or use them on the exclusive Cuttlebug folders. Or, you could save until you have enough for the Golden Cricut! LOL

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Hurrah for scrapping time!!

I think your students are so lucky to get that from you. I would have loved that!!

Boo to cricut shop! Email them and tell them to get a move on! Wink

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hooray for school being out! (of course, I'm dreading it because it means less time for me, and I barely get any time as it is!). glad your hand is healing, can't wait to see you scrapping again. and that's so cool what you do for your students!!!!

can't help you with the cricut lament, I'm not sure I remembered to enter all of mine in when I got them.

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That's exciting school is out!!! ENJOY!!!!

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I love that you will be scrapping more cause that means I get to see more of your work. Smile Glad to hear that you are healing up well and able to do more too. I agree also that the digital books sound awesome and I bet the kids loved them.

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Yay!!! Schools out! How lucky your students are that you took the time to make them some digital memories. I never had time to do any of that when I was teaching, or I should say I never took the time to do any of them. Wink
I am very glad to hear your hand is healing. Have fun scrapping. If you can hold off, and wait a little longer, the do occasionally add new cartridges. I waited for 6+ months, and then order and 2 weeks after I ordered, they put new ones up.
Happy Scrapping!!!

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I agree with you there. I've entered points in for my friend...the one with all the carts....and she is waiting for them to change it up. :/ They've been the same since I looked a long time ago. That and their shipping charges are a crime!!! I ordered 2 tees through them and a cartridge and the shipping charges are almost as high as the cartridge itself! I even wrote a letter of complaint to them and got a generic response!! Sad But I looove my Cricut tees and it completes my Scrapbook Nerd Look. Wink hehe

Glad you are feeling better!!