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So, I was being a good little housewife today and was cleaning the house so I could concentrate fully on making my bff's album. Well, while doing dishes, I reached inside a cup not knowing it had broken and proceeded to cut the thumb knuckle on my right hand off! I had to go to the dr, get it cleaned and scraped, get a tetanus shot, and I am now at home with a big old bandage and orders to keep thumb immobile for 48 hours and wrapped for 10 days. :eek::violent2::angry1:

How am I gonna get my album done now? Not to mention, how am I gonna do everything that needs to be done before my road trip on Sunday? I knew it was too easy. I kept feeling like I was missing something because I had gotten all of my shopping save for DH (concert tix) and BFF done on the weekend after Thanksgiving. I only had to make an album and wrap presents. LOL

Ok, enough pity. I am going to attempt the album anyway but we will see how far I get. I need mojo vibes!

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Oh, no Nancy!!! Sad That is terrible! (And so something I would do!) Good luck working on it, but I am sure your friend will understand if you have to give it to her a little late. :openarms:

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oh, Nancy, that's awful! I keep cutting myself on my hands, and I'm a mess. I can't even imagine being in your shoes, that sucks! I hope you heal fast. Give it a couple of days before you even attempt to see what you can do with the album. Make your BFF an IOU card gift, promising the album once you're healed.

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oh no :bigarmhug: hope you are able to get some things done. I am sure your friend will understand if you can't get her present done.

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That totally sounds like something like I would do. I hope you can get something done, even if it's not the album.

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Ouchie! I hope it heals fast. But ITA with Gwen and make her an IOU for when you are healed.

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You can totally do it, it will just be more of a challenge now and you can quit feeling like you are missing something Lol

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Oh my. :eek: I hope it heals quick, and I am sure your friend will understand!

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I saw that on FB, that really sucks Nancy!!! Hope you can still get things done and that it doesn't hurt too bad!

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Oh man does that stink! Sorry about your hand and the album, if I was there I would make it for you.