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Ok, so who actually uses these people? I signed up thinking 6 cents a print was a really good deal. Then I get this huge list of freebies. I have been uploading hundreds of photos to this site. Today, I go to place an order for 100 prints and start a photo book. I go to order the prints and they are charging almost $9 to ship!!! If I order a photo book, it is free but shipping is $35!!!! WTH! Please tell me I did not just waste all that time.

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i got A LOT of christmas gifts from Artscow this past X-mas with my freebies.
i thought it was a good deal because the quality was great.
i didnt end up ordering photo books or anything but they ornaments are awesome!

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I experienced the same as you....and when I went to order 3 of the same photo book they charged me 3 times the shipping despite it saying there was a combined shipping deal! I emailed them a few times about it and they were rude in return emails. Their merchandise is great but their customer service is awful.

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I have been using it ever since Miles was born. I printed 75 birth announcements through them (for a total of $4.50!), have gotten mousepads and playing cards for gifts, and free enlargments from his newborn and 3-month photo sessions.

The shipping is more expensive because they are shipping Air Mail from Hong Kong. It takes a bit longer, too. I ordered about 120 pictures last week (Wednesday) and am expecting them to come today or tomorrow.

The quality is great!

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I used them quite a bit last year. I like their print quality but don't like their photobooks in comparison to Shutterfly's.

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the only thing I ever bought was keychains and calendars, using discount codes and freebies. the keychains were free but cost to ship, the calendars were discounted but with free shipping. so I didn't upload ALL my pics to there but just enough to make those things. I had an issue with only one of my calendars making it here...the other two they had to reship to me, since they never arrived. they were nice enough to send 2 more without question, but since they take so long to ship, my would be Christmas presents weren't here for Christmas Sad

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i actually ordered a free 20 page 12X12 book from there (someone on here let me use their coupon).... well let's just say that I placed the order on Feb 11th. Two weeks went by where I didn't hear anything.. so i emailed them and they told me it was still processing... so another week went by and I finally got an email that they shipped it on Monday and i should get it in 8-10 business days. UMMMMMMMMM.... why should it take A MONTH to get a book?!?! I don't get it.. i understand the shipping part because it's coming from Hong Kong... but to take 3 weeks to process a 20 page book is just ridiculous. The quality of it better be good, that's all I have to say!! (when i ordered a 30 page book from Shutterfly, i got it in a week!)

Anyways, I, like Ashley, ordered a bunch of prints from there for my birth announcement because i was able to get a ton of 5x7 pictures for a really great price - even with the cost of shipping. The quality was fine.

i do want to caution you about their shipping costs page... the LEFT side is regular mail, and the RIGHT side is FedEx prices... so you may want to double check to make sure you're looking at the correct side. (I was originally was looking at the wrong side and thought they were insane shipping prices.. until I realized what I had done).

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I've never ordered any prints through the mail before. I guess that's where I was getting the sticker shock. I've never had to pay shipping, I just pick it up at the local CVS or Walgreens. I guess I should do the math and see which is more cost effective.