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so I signed up for artscow but haven't ordered anything yet. just got a coupon code in my email for five free 8x8 books. so now I want to order a book from them ... and I'm getting sidetracked by everything they have to offer. I so don't have the time to be spending on there but I want to order stuff.

does anyone else have this problem?

how long does it take to get it?

have you used their templates to create books or have you done 8x8 pages and just had them bound?

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5 free books. Wow, that's tempting to make me want to join! I obviously haven't used their templates, but I've got really good luck with Shutterfly's 8x8 templates when I'm just wanting to make a photo book with occasional captions.

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i joined around christmas and got so many presents from them. everythings good quality. and ijust got an email about free books too i was excited!!

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i bet the shipping is very expensive for the 5 free books. they do have great quality, but it takes a long time to get your things. like, 3-4 weeks.

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I ordered a free 12x12 book a couple of months ago and I paid like $15 for shipping. It took ONE WHOLE MONTH from the time I placed the order until the day it arrived in the mail. I was actually not impressed at all with it. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that it takes that long to get a 20 page book!! Also, the quality of some of the pages I did were just awful! I will only go through shutterfly now - even though it's more pricey, but their quality if a heck of a lot better and the book takes only about a week to get to my house.

I have ordered prints from them before though and the quality was much better. I'm just not a big fan at all of their books. Maybe someone else has a better experience with them. It might not hurt just to have one done so you can see for yourself.

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they do take a long time 2 get but they come from east asia somewhere if i remember right. have only ordered prints from them but they were good quality

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They are based in Hong Kong and it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to get your order. I've ordered several 8x8 books and they shipping is $15 for them, so beware. The quality is not the same as Shutterfly either (I have the same book from each and Artscows is kind of grainy and blurry), so I use artscow for the less-important things. I do like their templates and used them for my free books for gifts for the grandparents.

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The only thing I've gotten from them is 4x6 prints, and to be honest I wasn't impressed with the quality either ... by the time I paid for shipping it would have been cheaper to get them from Costco - and way quicker!

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okay, that's all good to know. I'm gonna pass on the free books. I'll save my first order for something cool other than prints or a book (like one of their customized other things)