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    I want to have my baby announcements planned out, but not made yet. (I want either pink or blue and I won't know that till I pop)
    I'm drawing a blank on ideas though. Can you guys post some that you have made?
    I think I want to incorporate a picture into the card instead of sending a separate photo with, not sure though. I guess a photo card isn't completely out of the mix but I would like to use my New Arrival cartridge. Any ideas? I have no brain lately.

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    here is the one we made for Allie. It was digital though, so not much help for what you are looking for.


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    Hmm. Since you don't know what you are having, it's gonna be kind of difficult to get any of them pre-made. Are you going to have time after dealing with a newborn? When I registered at Target, they gave me a bag that had a $20 gift card with Shutterfly. I used that to just make some quick photo cards. I still had to pay for shipping but it wasn't more than $10 after all that I ordered and it only took an hour or so to put it together.
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    I did digi for Wyatt, but only because I waited until after he was born....and I was way too tired to think

    Can you start out cutting some things from new arrival in more neutral colors and then add a picture? Like make a frame using the animals from the cart and that use the pink or blue as background or just insert a picture? It's so hard not knowing what your having and trying to make them early...That was the ONLY thing I regretted about not knowing sooner.
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    I didn't know with the last two, so it isn't really anything new. At this point I just don't really have any ideas at all. Cards are hard for me

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    If you wanted to start pre-making them, I'd start cutting out something "baby" in a yellow or green color. Then you could add a blue or pink bow or something at the end. I intend to start on our birth announcements as soon as Christmas is over, so I'll post what I come up with. But we know we are having a boy, so it will probably be something with planes or boats or something??
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