Baby Ballerina paper

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Baby Ballerina paper

I did a layout with these pictures with a digi-quick page, but I really wanted to do it on paper. It's cloudy here, so the true colors don't seem to come out in this picture. that's a bummer! and the ballerina paper doll took forever. not sure if you can tell, but there's two little vellum tutus on her. Smile

the journaling:
Natalie attended a trial Baby Ballerina class with her friend Hannah when she was 18 months old. She wasn’t so sure of it at first, spending the first 5 minutes in the empty studio next door to the class. Once the instructor brought out the trampoline, Natalie was all over it. She enjoyed wearing the princess costume (not pictured) and she was too cute in her little tutu.
August 2007

here's the digi one from a few months ago - you can see the true photo colors there.

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Those pictures are SO sweet!
Couldn't you get your digital page printed?

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oh, I did get it printed. But I wanted to do something myself. The digi page was kind of already done, I just had to crop the photos, put them on, and do the title. Besides, I was dying to make a ballerina with my cricut. Wink I'll probably put the pages facing each other in the book cause I'm silly like that.

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I like them both! Looks like you are having fun with your paper doll cartridge! Biggrin

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Very cute. I love the little ballerina Smile

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That is so beautiful Gwen!! I love everything! The jasmine font, the balerina and the photos. That is one of the sweetest pages of yours!!!

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thanks! and Charys, I thought of you as I used the Jasmine font. it' s so funny, it's my friend's cartridge and I've had it since the fall!

for some reason the word "baby" looks crooked in the picture, but it doesn't on the page. must be the angle. or maybe it IS crooked and I can't see straight. Lol

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thats great!!
I need to go out right now and get more carts for my bug!!! Smile