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Baby Blues LO

Journaling - April 8, 2007 - Easter Day. [SIZE=2]You were only 6 days old and your first Easter was spent at the hospital. Mommy & Daddy had to take you in to be treated for Jaundice. When we came back to visit you that evening, this is what you were doing. You were so comfortable and content under the warm blue lights. Though, Mommy was very sad and upset that after only having you for a very short time she had to leave you and be alone without you for one night. It could have been two nights but the doctors said the one day of treatment was good and you could go home. You were a good boy through all the treatments and blood tests. Mommy was glad you were better and back home with her the next day.

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That's a perfect execution of the pictures/story! What a great LO!

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wow! I love the title, the layout, the journaling - great page!

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What a neat, well thought out LO. Love all the colors and the journaling...great job!

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Great title for the page. I love how you captured everything in your journaling!

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Fantastic! You really captured it well.

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The title is perfect, and what a great job on the LO. I love how you put your heart into the journaling and said how you truly felt.

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The journaling is great! Super page!

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what perfect pics for your page.

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Wow! That all fits together so well! The color scheme is really cool! And I love your journaling on it, too.

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FYI - I didn't adjust the pictures to be like that. DH put the camera inside the cover and that's how the pic came out from the lights.

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It all goes together so wonderfully, and I love your journaling.

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I like how you went with the blue theme to go with the pictures. And way to journal! Smile

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