Baby Cards & a Small Update

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Baby Cards & a Small Update

Well, these WERE going to be in the baby card swap, but I've been invited to so many baby showers lately and time has not allowed me to make any more, so I've had to use them up. Sad
so, DISCLAIMER: IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM, don't scroll down. I'm not participating in the baby card swap, but I can understand that some people may not want to see them anyways.

They are almost identical with small changes. I went ahead and posted all 5....bear with me. Blum 3

And we bought a new car! I'd been driving a 1996 Chevy Corsica for the last 5 years, so hubby decided it was time I had something a bit more dependable and bigger now that baby #2 is coming. I've never had a new vehicle so I feel like a QUEEN. Smile This is it!

A Hyundai Santa Fe!! Smile I love it!

I am sorry I have not been posting anything creative lately. Between the normal 1st trimester exhaustion, working over 40 hours a week, plus normal home life of cooking, cleaning, etc. I haven't had any time. I sure miss crafting! I am hoping that my energy returns a bit now that I'm out of my first tri. Everytime I log on and see your posts I'm so inspired and wish I could just stay up all night and scrap. LOL

oh and one more thing, please keep DH's work in your prayers, if you remember. It's been really slow lately. Thanks mucho!

hugs to all of you my friends!

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Charys, I love the cards! they are really so sweet, perfect for new babies. and great car! I can't believe you're working over 40 hours, crazy! will certainly pray for DH's job. glad you're checking in. Smile

oh, and I'm not working out of the house, and I can't find the time to scrapbook either. I fit that sewing into a free hour I had yesterday, but that was even a struggle. I was just telling DH tonight how much I miss scrapbooking.

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I've been wondering about you! I LOVE the baby cards! I'm sad you're not participating in this swap though. I finally am, and you're not!! Oh well, I understand! Biggrin

I absolutely love your new vehicle! We recently got a newer one and the extra room is so so nice when you're lugging around a stroller, carseat, etc.!

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those cards are absolutely adorable! wtg!! And I love your new car! Exciting!! Biggrin I will definitely be praying for your hubby's job. Hope he comes into some more work very soon :bigarmhug: Love to you xoxo

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Those are beautiful cards girl! Love them!! Your friends are lucky to be receiving them. Smile And the car ROCKS!!! Your two are gonna ride in style. Smile

I too will send up prayers for Scott.

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those cards are adorable!! nice new car!! Smile

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Charys, I love the cards. They are so sweet!

I too understand on the no time thing. I'm just zapped lately. I feel so uncreative and I don't know where the time goes anymore. I'm hoping to get my swap cards done this next week while the kids are at school, but who knows. I've been in Wisconsin for a week, so the house is probably going to need an overhaul cleaning. LOL

I miss you (and everyone else here)!

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Beautiful cards! I love how they are similiar but just a tad different.

Great car! Looks perfect for a family of 4.

I can relate to not feeling up to scrapping and I'm not pregnant:) Hope life calms down a little. I'll prayer for Scott's work to pick up!

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Hi Charys! Those cards are fabulous! I too have a Sante Fe and I LOVE it...but I must warn you... if you put a rear facing baby seat behind the passenger seat, the passenger seat must be almost all the way forward and the back straight up. I've also found that to be true if it's in the middle seat too. I found the problem out while babysitting our godson and having him in my car in his rear-facing seat. :confused: But I'm not sure if this would be the case in any other SUV. Does your SanteFe have the 3rd row or a little stowaway storage under the trunk floor board? Other than the carseat problem I absolutely love my SanteFe and it runs GREAT!

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Bummer...can't see the pics!

I am glad you checked in. I am sorry you aren't feeling so well. Sad It sure is worth it though huh? I can't wait to "meet" this LO! KUP! YAY! on a new car!

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wonderful cards! I loce the last 2 that have those embossed baby items - very cute!!

Isn't nice to drive a nice, new car?!?! Well it's not a ford.... shame shame.. LOL I'm sure you're enjoying your new ride and I bet Kayson loves sitting up higher too!

As far as limited time for scrapping... I hear ya!! I haven't worked on a page in a month!!! I'm hoping that now that all of our trips are over with, that I can spend a little more "me" time! (and you too!)

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Oooooh... great car - my sister had one and she loved it! Love the cards too- esp. the part that looks like lace (I don't think it is though?)

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Great cards and love the new car! I'll say a prayer for the job.

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Hey girly just had to quick post that I love the cards! Walmart has that same satin trim but in butterflies. You know the satin baby trim you used. I got it awhile ago but if they still have it I know you would love it. I also have not been scrapping latley. It has been crazy tring to get 3 kids ready for school. I normally never wait till the last minute but this time I had to due to money. today is monday and I still need to get the rest of the supplies, buy Tyson some gym shoes, have a 1 on 1 meeting with his teacher (due to his seizures) and try to not lose it that my baby who has never been in a daycare or away from me is going to school! Sorry to hijack but I am sure you won't mind. OH and love the car!

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Perfect baby cards! I love the stitching you did on them! The lace is such a pretty touch. And I love the baby themed trim you found (you used it on the last ones). That's just a neat look.

Congrats on the new car! Yay!

Hope life settles down a little for you and I'll pray that Scott is able to find more work!