baby cards for the swap

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baby cards for the swap

well, so far I've finished three, but I'm not sure I'm going to give them in the swap. because....all three are different! lol....I just kept changing my design and now all 5 are going to be different. what do you think? send them, or keep them and make 5 more similar/identical cards? it won't bother me either way.

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if you started along the path to keep them different, then do that. unless one stands out as your favorite, then make five of them.

I'm no help, am I?

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as long as you are happy with them all, I see no issue with making 5 different ones

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I would use the different ones for the swap if you are happy with them. I'm sure you would get use out of them regardless but you could save yourself some time this way. Can't wait to see them.

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It is totally up to you. 5 same ones is what makes it easier, it is never a requirement.

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I'm glad you posted this! I just finished mine. 3 are the same, and 2 are completely different. I ran out of the same kind of paper to make them all the same, so this will have to do. Hope nobody minds!

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I've decided to go ahead and send them. Even if they are all a bit different. I ran out of paper (like Ash) and kept changing design, but the color scheme is all the same. thanks girls!